How to Order

Step 1.

First, choose what type of caricature you require, a head and shoulders (HS), full length (FL) with one or more persons,


We will need a number of photos/posed photos for the FL cartoons, or bespoke themes.


Provide details like interests hobbies, characteristics so we can develop a theme for the caricature illustration, to add depth to the ideas and visuals. Tell us if there is a story that could be told.

Step 2.

Send your pictures and brief to email on contact page


and we will confirm the price you will pay and provide you with a proforma invoice from East Street Creative Ltd.


This will contain account details for online payment.


If you wish to pay by cash, debit/credit card you will need to do this in person at the studio at
19 East Street, St. Ives,

Cambridgeshire PE27 5PD.


Pay your non-refundable deposit of £30 for each person before we start work.

Step 3.

Get Cartooned will present you with a draft line concept and style for approval. This will not include colours at this stage.


Once we have your agreement to proceed, we will continue to complete the drawing and add the colours to a final composition.

Step 4.

Once the illustration is finished and approved.


Choose your final output requirements. eg. A4 digital print(s) or A5 digital card(s). All HS and FL orders will receive digital versions (eg. .jpg, .png) for Avatars.


Make your second and final payment, depending on the options you chose. Including frame or digital print.

Step 5.

Arrange collection or delivery of your final output. Get Cartooned will also email you the final digital file so you can output your own print, or use it for whatever purpose you wish. The IPR of the illustration is yours on final cleared payment unlike some photographers and illustrators.


We would of course be delighted to assist you if you need in other areas of output.


We will also provide you with small icon avatars of the head and shoulders if you have ordered FL or specials for use in social media if required.




How to order





Tel : 0800 999 4773


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How to Order